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The Tech-Creative Confluence

Welcome to the intersection of creativity and technology. I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer passionate about transforming ideas into digital realities, crafting both striking websites for businesses and captivating applications for broader platforms. My expertise extends from the ground up - whether it's developing an online presence from scratch, or reinventing and rejuvenating an existing one. In an ever-evolving digital world, a memorable and engaging web presence is not just a nice-to-have, it's a necessity.

Whether you're a small business looking to attract new clientele, an individual seeking to establish a robust online persona, or a corporation in need of a complex, feature-rich application, my versatile skills can cater to your diverse needs.

How can I help you redefine your digital presence today? Let's put your website to work for you!

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.
Steve Jobs
The Process

My Services

My offerings go beyond just technical expertise. Collaborative by nature, I believe in building meaningful relationships with
my clients, understanding their needs, their vision, and their audience, to create solutions that truly make a difference.
Knowing what to expect when we work together is paramount. Here's how I'll deliver success for you:

1. Consultation

Our journey begins with an engaging conversation, uncovering the essence of your project's unique goals, needs, and vision.

2. Proposal

Expect a comprehensive proposal, complete with a visual preview and actionable plan, crafted to realize your unique aspirations.

3. Creation

During the creation phase, you'll receive consistent updates as I diligently develop, refine, and rigorously test your project.

4. Launch & Support

Experience seamless project launch accompanied by the comfort of ongoing support to ensure your project's continued success.

About Me

Crafting Code and Creating Art

My Work


A gif of Hello There page from Parkside Paradise Walks App depicts a walk in the forest
Immersive Virtual Walks Web App
Parkside Paradise Virtual Walks

A Full Stack CRUD App using MVC Architecture - Curated immersive virtual walks through breathtaking US National Parks enabling users to dive into a world of fascinating journeys right at their fingertips. This app offers an enchanting user experience with these intriguing features: A secure login system lets users create their own private sanctuary for walk discovery. Favorite walks can be bookmarked and saved, providing users with quick and easy access to their preferred adventures. Users can express their appreciation for particular walks by giving them a like, fostering a sense of community and shared enjoyment. And the platform empowers users to become creators by allowing them to upload and share their own curated walks, enriching the overall content and diversity of available walks. Your walk awaits!

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A screenshot of the FireFinder AI fire detection app with black background with flames
Interactive AI Fire Detection Web App
FireFinder Interactive AI Fire Detection

A Full Stack Web App using Azure's Cognitive Services Computer Vision - An Interactive Artificial Intelligence Fire Detection App powered by Azure's Computer Vision. Discover the power of AI in Fire Detection! This engaging app invites users to upload an image to see the AI in action, experience the precision and reliability of the AI for themselves with FireFinder's fire detection results and confidence score, and delve further into how this cutting-edge technology works. An innovative FireFacts feature also invites users to explore real world companies around the globe that are using AI to recognize heat, smoke, and fire in real time to detect, suppress, and prevent fires and save lives. Experience the world of AI with FireFinder - where learning meets interaction, fostering a deeper understanding of AI's transformative role in fire detection.

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Computer setup with illuminating purple theme
Vibrant Photography Showcase
Matylda Zamudio Photography

Discover the magic of photography through the lens of Matty Z, a spirited young local photographer, in this vivid interactive online showcase. Beautifully merging artistry and technology with engaging interactive features where every cursor movement sparks delight, each aspect of this web experience has been carefully curated to highlight Matty's unique perspective and electric personality. Offering a compelling online persona and brand presence, this site provides an immersive user experience while showcasing a range of photographic services.

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Gallery of 4 Whimsical Living Art Costumes by Kikimora
International Licensing Hub
Kikimora Luxury Living Art

Visit Kikimora's captivating world of luxury living art. Designed to elevate your events, this platform invites producers to explore, select, and license ethereal and otherworldly living art pieces for galas, galleries, and other grand occasions. Streamlining the journey from initial meetings straight to unparalleled performances at your upscale events, and crafted in React and Nextjs for planned scalability, this site—with its artful animations and refined design—epitomizes the seamless blend of digital elegance and elite event entertainment.

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Business card website with blue waves theme
Modern Business Identity
Amelia Everly, Cruise Consultant

Dive into a fresh, modern South Florida-inspired digital business card. This sleek, static website embodies the persona of Amelia Everly, a private travel Port of Miami Cruise Consultant, blending simplicity with elegance. Optimized for all devices, it highlights her services and intuitive booking options. Capturing Amelia's brand essence, the site hints at the serene ocean voyages on offer. From conceptualization to execution, this enchanting site showcases the power of a well-designed web presence in creating impactful business impressions.

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Where I Work


I'm based in the Miami / Ft. Lauderdale area

and I'm adept at remote and asynchronous work.


I'm currently accepting new freelance clients,

interesting project opportunities, and wild ideas.


Kriston.Burnstein@gmail.com or feel free to

send me a quick message in the contact form.


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